This set of OKI SLIDES has been designed to build your student’s phonemic awareness in Spanish through fun and engaging learning tasks. It includes three different activities for students to work with syllables with letter r in the middle of a word. Use it as a tool to reinforce your phonics core instruction, as intervention, or differentiated instruction.
Try the OKI SLIDES yourself!!
– They are self-checking activities.
– Can be used at school or at home.
– Engaging and interactive.
Who is It for?
– Kindergarten through second grade students.
– Interventionists
– Spanish immersion classrooms
– Dual immersion classrooms
– Homeschooled children
– Interventionists
– Self-checking OKI SLIDES
– Written and audio instructions in the first card of each activity.
– Audio is included in each one of the cards so students can listen to the words as needed.
– Fun and engaging visuals to develop vocabulary.
What is included?

– Three different activities:
* Students will be able to identify initial syllables, unscramble two, three, and four
syllable words, and listen for missing syllables in words.
– 50 self-checking OKI SLIDES
– Written and audio instructions for each activity.
– Audio is included in each one of the cards so students can listen to the words as needed.
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