This morning calendar has been specially designed to engage your K-2 students in fun and interactive learning tasks that help them develop skills that build their foundations in math and language. A 100% interactive calendar designed for MIMIO®Boards that will allow you to reach different learning styles and learning levels. It will help you establish a consistent routine to start your day, introduce and review essential math concepts, vocabulary by using interactive and appealing visuals that will keep your young learners’ attention throughout your calendar time.
This calendar is a ready to use tool that takes advantage of the interactive and engaging features of the SmartBoard without the hassle of creating them. Click on the video preview to see it in action!!
Who is It for?
This morning calendar is perfect for:
– Kindergarten through second grade students.
– Spanish immersion classrooms
– Dual immersion classrooms
– Homeschooled children
– Classrooms equipped with a MIMIO interactive Board.
– Engaging and age appropriate visuals.
– Detailed instructions with teacher tips to use in the classroom.
– Ready to use, no prep time.
– Student led interactive activities.
– Multiple opportunities for participation.
– Consistent review of basic math concepts and skills
What is included (See preview video to check what is included)
– PDF with detailed instructions on how to use and Teacher Tips!
– 15 different slides that cover the following concepts and skills:
* Calendar: “Julio” calendar with movable icons for birthdays, holidays, and days of the week (Independence Day, Canada Day, and birthdays).
* Attendance: Addition review using daily attendance.
* Daily work: Post morning work you have for students and words to review.
* Days in school: Keep track of your school days and use it to introduce and review place value.
* Weather: Movable icons that present weather vocabulary with images.
* Weather Data: Graph to keep track of the weather of the month data. Questions provide to analyze the data in the graph.
* Weather Check: Record highest and lowest temperature of the day, with a thermometer to represent them. Check your daily weather with a link to the National Weather Service website.
* 120 chart: Record the number of the day using place value and interactive opportunity to find patterns in the number chart using 1 more, 1 less, 10 more, and 10 less.
* Ways to show a number: Represent the number the day using pictures, number words, number sentences, place value, and tally marks.
* Place value: Decompose numbers using visual representations of ones, tens, and hundreds.
* Ten frames: Represent and numbers using 10 frames, 5 frames, and ones.
* Money: Represent the number of the day using coins, great opportunity to learn coins and use repeated addition to find amounts of money.
* Patterns: Represent and translate shape patterns using letters and numbers.
* Problem of the day: Post a word problem and solve it using a step by step process that will help your students develop math thinking skills.
* Time: Read, show and write the time with an interactive calendar.
Hear it from other teachers!!!
“I love the Calendar Math Smartboard activities you created. They are so bright and engaging. My students look forward to this part of our day every single day! This set made things so much easier when I got a Smartboard in my classroom this year so thank you!”
Mrs Turnbull
August 12, 2014
“My students loved doing calendar with this resources. After they got used to it, they began taking turns being the teachers and running the routine!”
May 20, 2020
“Calendar time is much more fun and involved with your calendars!”
Lorena Reyes
June 20, 2018
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Feedback is greatly appreciated, it helps me and other educators see the value of this resource. If you have any suggestion, question, or comment please do not hesitate to contact me at
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