Use this calendar during your morning routine, Math block, or at any time during the school day. Students will enjoy the colorful and theme-based graphics while reinforcing previously taught skills or newly introduced concepts. A 100% interactive calendar designed for EASITEACH that will allow you to reach different learning styles and learning levels.
What I personally love about the calendars is that my students are exposed to different Math areas that will be covered later in the school year in a very fun and interactive way, so by the time we revisit them students already have a good grasp of the concept.
Each calendar includes
❀ Monthly calendar with icons to mark special days and birthdays.
❀ Daily attendance
❀ Daily work, today’s date, high frequency words.
❀ Interactive weather
❀ Weather graph with graph analysis questions.
❀ Interactive thermometer/ Link to consult your own weather in the National Weather Service website.
❀ Days in school: Counting jar
❀ Number of the day: Different ways to show a number (Picture, number word, tally marks, number sentence, odd and even)
❀ 120 Board. Adding and subtracting 1 or 10 to a number.
❀ Place Value
❀ Ten frames
❀ Money
❀ Patterns. Translate to letters and numbers
❀ Time. Interactive clock and blank clock to show the time.
❀ Problem of the Day. Step by step problem solving steps.
Available in English or Spanish.
This calendar was designed exclusively for EASITEACH software, if you have a different type of interactive board or software please browse our math section and find the appropriate calendars for you 🙂
EASITEACH calendars must be used in PLAY MODE, otherwise interactive activities will not work properly. Please do not attempt to change or alter page properties, otherwise the original format of the calendar could be lost.

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